Would you like to create the best memories of your life?

“Live Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Imagine you are playing a game, But not just an ordinary game.

Your game lasts for 30 days. Each day you wake up to a new challenge – a task for the day. The challenges are surprises so You’ll never know what they’re going to be. Sounds a little bit like a movie, right? It is a real world, though – and you are the main character!

So, are you ready to challenge yourself?


Alice B.Washington
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Wow, I have never seen anything like this before! Fun, good times, great tasks ... Thank you. We keep our fingers crossed and look forward to the next editions 🙂
Luis M.Santa Fe
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We bought the couple challenge and it was really FUN. Perfect job. Thank you
Josh L.Riverton
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I lost 7 kgs in 2 months and I finally know what I’ve been doing wrong. Thank you very, very, very much!
Melanie C.Albuquerque
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I don't usually write reviews, but this time, I have to. We bought the family challenge and I can honestly say that we really enjoyed it. Tasks are simply perfect – the whole family enjoyed completing them and we had great fun. We enjoyed doing things together on such a regular basis. We hope that there will be more tasks coming our way in the future, we are hooked!

General Questions

After purchasing the challenge, you will receive an activation code in the e-mail along with the order confirmation. Use this code to activate the challenge. In the case you bought the challenge as a gift, enter this activation code in the voucher after you have printed it out. In addition to the start date, you can also choose the time you will receive the text message every day. The earliest possible start date is the day after the code is activated.

COUPLE CHALLENGE – It is a great way to strengthen your relationship, deepen your bond, experience something new and most of all – have fun. It doesn’t matter if you have been with a partner for a month or 20 years. The challenge knows no boundaries. Recommended age is between 18 and 45. The challenge is NOT suitable for couples who have a long-distance relationship. Most tasks are performed together and therefore it is good if the partners live together or are in daily contact.

SINGLES CHALLENGE – It was designed for single men and women who want to experience something new and enjoy their single life to the fullest. Recommended age is between 18 and 45.

FAMILY CHALLENGE – It was designed for all families with children (recommend for children aged 10 and over) who want to spend pleasant time together and have fun.

FIT CHALLENGE – It was designed for all people who want to look and, most of all, feel better without drastic diets and exercising and learn how to lead a healthy life through a series of fun everyday tasks. Recommended age is between 18 and 45.

Do you want to gift a challenge to your loved ones? Simply buy a voucher and print it out in the comfort of your home. There are easy-to-follow activation steps printed on the voucher – the person who was gifted the challenge can activate it whenever they want. Never use someone else’s cell phone to activate the challenge – you will receive a text message to activate the challenge so if you do not have access to the phone you sent the challenge to, the challenge will not be activated!

WARNING! After purchasing the challenge, you will be sent the order confirmation along with the gift voucher to the e-mail address you stated in the order. We do NOT SEND vouchers by mail!

Yes, the challenge can be paused and then reactivated. Please refer to the product description for further details.

Challenge tasks are not MANDATORY – you do them if you feel like doing them. If you are not able to do the task of the day for any reason, you can simply skip it. If you want to complete the task but the circumstances are not in your favor, simply do another one and return to this one if you feel like it.

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