If you want your breakfast to be healthy and balanced, forget about jams, nutella, bacon, croissants, peanut butter and more.

Never go without breakfast – it is really the most important meal of the day. It has been proven that people who do not eat breakfast tend to eat more during the day, especially in the evening.

How does a healthy breakfast look like

  • 20% of the daily energy intake
  • approx. 1,500 kJ (for a person with a sedentary job)
  • proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and other nutrients in the right proportions

* MORNING TIP: have a glass of clean water on an empty stomach (ideally with lemon) to jump start your metabolism.



Oatmeal in a variety of ways: oatmeal is an ideal choice for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, even when losing weight. You can add white yogurt and fruit or honey and nuts. Enjoy this vitamin/ fiber bomb!


Wholemeal bread: You can have it with ham or cheese, but don’t forget to choose wisely.


Spreads: avocado, carrot, tuna


Eggs: hard-boiled eggs and soft-boiled eggs are the best, but do not turn your back on scrambled eggs, over easy egg, sunny-side up egg, egg spreads, etc.


Yogurt (Greek white) with muesli (unsweetened) and fruit


Fruit salad


Smoothies: Many people consider smoothies to be drinks, but if you use the right ingredients, you get a nutritious and thick enough breakfast. You can mix different types of fruits and vegetables, get wild!


Recipe: Vegetable muffins: Beat eggs, mozzarella and various types of finely chopped vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers, in a bowl. Fill the muffin tray with this mixture and put it in the oven. When the cookies are ready, you can add fresh vegetables.

To sum up

The healthiest foods to eat for breakfast are: oatmeal, cereal porridge, eggs, wholemeal bread, ham and cheese (be careful when choosing), yogurt (preferably Greek), cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables (raw)

Combinations are endless, get wild!

Steer clear of too fatty and caloric foods like sausages, hot dogs, bacon, processed cheeses, sweet and white pastries, jams, nutella, pâtés, salami, mayonnaise salads and the like.


Breakfasts outlined above are “more traditional” sort of breakfast. If you feel like experimenting or you love to discover new tastes, the Internet is full of inspiration.