(Hydration – Nutrition – Exercise)

Hydration, nutrition and exercise (HNE for short) are the pillars of weight reduction. In order for you to keep up with your goal, we recommend keeping a HNE table. Place it on a visible place, like a refrigerator to keep track of your tasks.


ideus fit tabulka VZOR ENG

* explanations:

HYDRATATION – set your daily fluid intake according to your weight and keep track of whether you have met this intake. If not, mark the cross and the actual amount of water drunk (or at least approximate).

NUTRITION – FOOD CONSUMED – much like with hydration, set your daily food consumption and keep track of it. The table will tell you the maximum amount of KJ you should consume per day in order to lose weight (weight reduction can be achieved by decreasing energy intake and increasing energy expenditure). The table will help you keep track of that. Since diet is crucial in losing weight, this table will tell you if you are on the right track towards the body you desire.

EXERCISING – ENERGY EXPENSE – fill in the table with physical activities you do throughout the day. This includes all sports as well as walking if you walked more than 5 km per day (help yourself with a pedometer). Keep in mind, however, that no matter how often you move, right nutrition is a key.

WEIGHT – enter your initial weight here and then the weight after a certain time interval, e.g. 2 weeks or 1 month to see your progress. If you prefer to measure your body, you can also write measures here.

We have prepared your own HNE tables where you can keep track of your progress.  Print out your HNE tables HERE.