How does a healthy dinner look like

  • 25 to 30% of the daily energy intake
  • Ideal 1 to 2 hours before bedtime (depending on your digestion and food)
  • approx. 2,000 kJ (for an ordinary person with a sedentary job)


*DINNER TIP: Dinner should never be the biggest meal of the day!

It should mainly include proteins and vegetables.

Never dine just before bed. Make sure you eat at least an hour before.



Lean meat / fish (salmon) with vegetables

Salads (with tuna, chicken)

Vegetables as a separate meal (e.g. stuffed zucchini, broccoli with mozzarella light)

Vegetable pancakes (carrot, broccoli, …)

Thick vegetable soup

Eggs (different ways)

Wholemeal bread with ham / sunny-side up egg

Cottage cheese (e.g. cottage cheese pizza)