What should a healthy lunch look like

  • 35% of the daily energy intake
  • The best option is a warm lunch
  • 2,000 – 3,000 KJ of daily energy intake
  • balanced composition – IDEAL:

¼ protein (meat, fish, soy ..)

¼  side dish (rice, couscous, ..)

½ vegetables


  • If you eat at work / restaurants or use food delivery service, learn to make the right choice. Always the lightest lunch.
  • The best option is to cook your own food (for example, a day in advance) and take it to work. This way you will have your meals under control and at the same time save some money.



Salads (chicken, seafood, fish, cheese, etc.)

Pancakes (zucchini, broccoli, carrot, …)

Fish (tip: salmon with pea puree)

Soups (best are vegetables without flour)

Lean meat (chicken / turkey) – sauté or steak with vegetables (fresh, stewed or grilled), or another side dish

Side dishes – sweet potatoes (roasted or puree), wholegrain pasta, vegetables (broccoli / cauliflower rice), legumes, bulgur, couscous, quinoa

Vegetables as a main dish (roasted cauliflower / stuffed zucchini / onion mushrooms, etc.)

Healthy substitutes for unhealthy foods (pizza – cauliflower, healthy pancakes, sweet potatoes, etc.)

Grilled Halloumi cheese with vegetables (the best cheese for barbecue)

Vegetable risotto (rice, zucchini, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes)

Wholemeal spaghetti / pasta (with vegetables / with wild garlic / tuna, etc.)

Check out the Internet for more recipes.


Remember that vegetables should make up a large part of your lunch!