Haven’t found one yet? Does life without a partner simply suit you? Enjoy the perks of being single to the fullest!

Feeling stuck? Give our 30 DAYS SINGLES CHALLENGE a shot and try something new!

Warning! Never use someone else’s cell phone to activate the challenge – you will receive a text message to activate the challenge so if you do not have access to the phone you sent the challenge to, the challenge will not be activated!


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  • After purchasing the program and registering, you will receive a text message with a CHALLENGE every morning for 30 days. These challenges will definitely make your day.
  • Tasks are easy to accomplish and will not interfere with your work life. They are designed to spice up your day a little.
  • Tasks are not time or money consuming and are suitable for both men and women.
  • The challenge is suitable for all age categories, but the recommended age is 18-45.
  • Take pictures of yourself completing the daily challenge and post them on our Instagram or Facebook – the most creative ones will be awarded!
  • As a BONUS, some challenges can be completed on the EXTREME LEVEL – a way to crank it up a notch!
  • If for any reason you are not interested in continuing the challenge, you can opt out at any time via the registration form. 

30 days  – 30 text messages – 30 new experiences!


After purchasing the challenge, you will receive an activation code in the e-mail along with the order confirmation. Use this code to activate the challenge. In the case you bought the challenge as a gift, enter this activation code in the voucher after you have printed it out. In addition to the start date, you can also choose the time you will receive the text message every day. The earliest possible start date is the day after the code is activated.


  • GOOD MORNING! Your task for today is EXPERIMENT IN THE KITCHEN. Cook something today that you have never cooked before. Maybe you are the next Jamie Oliver 🙂 EXTREME LEVEL: Cook food only from ingredients that start with the first letter of your name. 
  • GOOD MORNING! Your task for today is ADRENALINE. Missing the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Make it happen for yourself! Hot air ballooning, parachuting, the sky’s the limit, really. Step out of your comfort zone! EXTREME LEVEL: invite a friend to join you 🙂


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