What is the best sport for weight loss? Here are 10 tips

You can lose weight by doing lots of physically demanding activities, but some sports are more effective when it comes to weight loss than the others. Involving as many muscles as possible when exercising is as important as the number of calories burned.

Here is an overview of the top 10 sports that can help you lose weight:

Strength training: If you are not afraid to work hard, a regular visit to the gym is definitely one of the best solutions. In the beginning, however, it is best to find a coach and learn to train properly.

Walking: This is the most natural type of movement for the human body. For optimum results you should walk between 5 to 10 km a day, depending on your weight.

Running: An even better option than walking is running. However, for this type of physical activity to be really effective, you should run from 45 to 60 minutes a day.

Tennis: When playing tennis, all the limbs as well as the core of the body are involved. Tennis is extremely effective in terms of muscle activity.

Squash: In this case, too, the arms as well as the legs and the core of the body are heavily involved. In squash you alternate between short shots and drop shots.

Cycling: Cycling is a less demanding sport as it does not strain joints and tendons. However, you have to spend a lot of time cycling to see any real results.

Swimming: Swimming is a great choice for weight loss. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

In-line skating: In terms of the number of calories burned, skating is just like running, but without that strain on your joints.

Beach volleyball: Beach volleyball is also very effective for weight loss, as majority of time you spent running and chasing the ball.

Nordic Walking: Hiking is demanding in terms of how it affects the cardiovascular system, especially the heart. Yet, it is not considered as effective in terms of weight loss. However, as soon as you also engage your hands using special clubs, the game changes – now you are doing Nordic Walking and depending on the pace or difficulty of the terrain, you can burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Cross-country skiing: You can burn almost 5 times more calories in the mountains even in winter, just opt for cross-country skiing. Intense cross-country skiing strengthens the legs, hips and also the hands, especially the shoulders.

Have you found the right sport for you?