We turned weight loss into fun!

Are you not happy when looking in the mirror anymore? Are your clothes too tight? Do you want to change your unhealthy lifestyle but don’t know how?

First of all, forget pointless diets and “miracle” pills. They never work anyways!

All you need to get started is DETERMINATION. We can help you with the rest! Don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, try the 30 DAY GET FIT CHALLENGE. You will love the process of losing weight, we guarantee that!

Each day, you will receive a text message with a new challenge – a task for the day. We will take you on the journey that will transform your body step by step. At the end of the program, you will not only have the body you desire, but above all you will learn how to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Warning! Never use someone else’s cell phone to activate the challenge – you will receive a text message to activate the challenge so if you do not have access to the phone you sent the challenge to, the challenge will not be activated!

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  • After purchasing the program, you will receive a text message with a CHALLENGE TASK every morning for 30 days. These challenges will help you change your lifestyle.
  • Weight loss and a healthy diet go hand in hand. To lose weight permanently, you have to understand how your body works. The text messages also include useful links to articles offering detailed explanations.
  • Tasks are easy to accomplish and will not interfere with your work.
  • The tasks are suitable for men and women of all ages.
  • If for any reason you are not interested in continuing the challenge, you can opt out at any time via the registration form.


After purchasing the challenge, you will receive an activation code in the e-mail along with the order confirmation. Use this code to activate the challenge. In the case you bought the challenge as a gift, enter this activation code in the voucher after you have printed it out. In addition to the start date, you can also choose the time you will receive the text message every day. The earliest possible start date is the day after the code is activated.


  • GOOD MORNING! Today’s task is: SET THE ROUTINE. Are you one of those people who starve during the day and munch on anything in the evening? CHENGE IT! Eat regularly and pay attention to calories your meals have (and set the limit). Not sure how to do that? Click here: (URL link)
  • GOOD MORNING! Today’s task is: FIND A HEALTHY VERSION. Can’t resist fries or ice cream? Learn to love substitutes that you can indulge in at any time. For tips on healthy substitutes click here: (URL link)


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